• These are the people you trust to take care of your home and its surroundings
• Who provide supervision and act as your representatives
• Who cater to your unique preferences, offering both peace of mind and privacy
• Who are committed to ensuring your expectations are not only satisfied, but exceeded

In life, they are Chris and Cathy Lombardo, owners of Elite Pro Concierge.


Cathy’s the brain and Chris is the brawn; she organizes, he executes. A highly experienced team, they deliver exceptional customer satisfaction by being innovative, customer-centric – and by listening carefully to your needs and wants.

They gained their experience the hard way, by being absentee homeowners themselves, but dissatisfied with the kind of service provided by most so-called “home watch contractors”. Knowing they could do better, Elite Pro Concierge was born.

Chris has years of involvement in operations and project management with Fortune 50 companies, from the trenches to Mahogany Row.

Cathy’s long experience in scheduling, office administration and client management now serve your best interests.

Call them to discuss your needs and wishes. This places you under no obligation, and they’d love to talk with you. The call, of course, is free.




Our promise to you:
We are so confident that our service will bring you absolute peace of mind in the maintenance and safekeeping of your Arizona estate, that we will guarantee your satisfaction. If you find anything we have done that is not up to your standards, we will fix it to the point that you are completely satisfied.



Chris and Cathy

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