Elite Pro Concierge is how you can be confident of

coming back to a well-managed, smooth-running home.

No matter how long you’ve been away.


Your peace of mind is our guide. Always.

Home Watch

We take care of your home just as if you were here doing it yourself.
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Handyman Services

If we can’t fix it ourselves, our highly qualified contractors can!
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Cleaning Services

Inside and outside, we keep everything clean and bright.
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Home Concierge

All the details that keep your home pristine while you are away.
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Liaison Services

We are bonded and insured. So are all our expert providers.
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Realtor Services

When the sale has closed, we support your client for a stress-free experience.
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REMOTE VISIBILITY – Your exclusive online portal

Have eyes-on visibility of your Arizona home. Any time, from anywhere in the world.

It’s like you never left.

To check on your estate, just hop online to your exclusive, password-protected Client Portal.

In real time, from wherever you happen to be.

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What your neighbors say about us…

“I can count on them for anything …”
Jan K, Toronto

“… our home is well taken care of …”
Rita W, Calgary

“… efficient, courteous and professional.”
James in Calgary

“… care of the client is second to none.”
Bruce P, Phoenix

Elite Pro Concierge’s Whole Home Scanner

Your intelligent option for added home protection

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It’s not an alarm. It’s cutting-edge technology. Small, silent, virtually invisible, it watches and records what happens while you’re away.

Better still: if it hears a sound, its camera rotates to the source. And takes 1080i HD pictures, or video, to identify the cause.

Then it immediately notifies Elite Pro Concierge. If we see an emergency we deal with it and notify you at once.

Unobtrusive. Hides in bookshelves, houseplants and niches.

Unobtrusive. Hides in bookshelves, houseplants and niches.

Scans and reports on movement or sound in your living areas.

Scans and reports on movement or sound in your living areas.

A little hesitant?

Try us out at a Special Introductory Rate!

You’ll be entrusting us with one of your major investments.  Don’t be concerned — many of your neighbors already employ our services, and couldn’t be more satisfied.

But if you’re a little hesitant about our abilities, make us prove ourselves. Try us out for a while first, at a lower introductory rate. You’ll be under no obligation – and then if you like our service, we’ll work out a longer-term arrangement, still at a more-than-competitive cost.

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